Rapid Carry Speed Sling for DSLR Cameras

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Take it from our team of travelers, this is the best camera accessory EVER!  

Reduce stress and discomfort when wearing your camera for hours on end.  "LOOK AT THAT!", you hear behind you.  In a flash you can raise your camera and make the shot.  The rapid action sling strap keeps your DSLR out of the way when not in use, but you can instantly have it ready when you need it. 

No neck strain, no rubbing against your skin.  Keep it at your hip or at your side.  There is no reason to have it constantly banging into things when you move.  Travel with kids?  This will save them from the headache of having the camera bang into their heads!

Travel Gadget Pro Tip: Comfort is key!  Standard camera straps pull on your neck....for hours....and hours.  The straps often rub and scratch your skin.  WHY TOLERATE IT?  These over should rapid reaction straps are awesome.  Your DSLR is out of the way, and still ready to shoot in an instant.  A padded shoulder prevents neck fatigue so you feel great at the end of the day!