3D Sleep Mask - Keep pressure off of your eyes - SUPER Comfortable!

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A sleep mask is a small thing that makes a BIG difference!  You may not use one in daily life but when you are on the go, you never know. 

The airplane is a notoriously uncomfortable place to sleep, why not make it that much easier? A normal sleep mask will get hot on your face or put pressure on your eyes.  This 3D sleep make is shaped and raised to keep pressure off of your eyes resulting in higher quality sleep.  

A sleep mask is small, light, and inexpensive - why risk being exhausted?

Travel Gadget Pro Tip: There are a handful of items that are super light and pocket sized that make a world of difference..... a sleep mask and ear plugs are two of them.  Sleep is one of the most important factors in having a good trip - jet lag can break you.  Upgrade your vacation in such a simple way with a sleep mask!