Anti Theft Wallet Belt

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Look, security is not something to worry about ... if you're prepared.  Simple steps can prevent a disaster while in a far off place.  Something as simple as a security belt can literally save the day!  Hide a large bill for emergencies and not worry about dropping it, leaving it on a bus, or... having it stolen.  You WILL be able to get back to your hotel and quickly call the proper authority or embassy! Don't be a victim!

You can hide large bills and copies of your passport or airplane confirmation so you don't get stranded!

Travel Gadget Pro Tip: Keep money spread out over a few select places.  You can't lose, forget, or have it stolen that way.  One of the BEST secret places to hide some money is a lip balm stick that has been cleaned out hollow.  For more Travel Gadget Pro Tips, see our blog or download our FREE TG Travel Tips cheat sheet.

Item Length: 120cm