Travel Folding Journey Collapsible Plastic Bottle Bag Cups

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Look, I know this item isn't daring or a "must have" travel gadget ...but no one likes to be thirsty and in an unfamiliar place.

Travel Gadget Pro Tip: These small foldable water bottles are priceless! Bring them (empty) onto the plane and ask the flight attendant to fill it up with bottled water.  Then tuck it or clip it to your seat.  You will have plenty of fresh water when you want it.  Airplanes are VERY dry places and one of our TG tips is to remain hydrated during travel. 

 Travel Gadget Pro Tip: Keep these in a fridge or freezer when empty to prevent bacteria from growing in between fill ups!

Grab this simple Travel Gadget today.... you will thank me!

Main Material: PVC
Item Height: 26cm
Item Length: 12cm
Item Weight: 40g
Item Width: 2.9cm