Cute Sleep Mask for Kids and Adults

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Getting your kids to sleep while traveling is no easy task.  Airplane seats are either too big or too small for them to get comfortable and travel by bus or train is just not something I care to do again.  On an overnight train from Budapest to Vienna, the little guys were trying to sleep but as the train passed light posts the cabin lit up like a strobe light!  Keep in mind that when flying with infants or toddlers, the bulk head row offers the most flexibility (and a basinet option) but that usually means a super bright large LCD screen is directly in your face showing the GPS map to the rest of the cabin. 

Travel Gadget Pro Tip:  Having sleep masks is essential - getting you kids to wear them is not always easy.  That being said, nothing is more important that sleep when you are traveling, grab a fun sleep mask to help the kiddos to get their Z's.