chatsim main facebook messenger whatsapp international free sms

How to send unlimited text messages in 150 countries for $1

chatsim main facebook messenger whatsapp international free sms

ChatSim is here to save all of us!  Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger will work in 150 countries.  Unlimited text messages means that when you factor the cost of the  (hundreds of) messages per month, you will pay less than 1/10,000 of a dollar per message with no roaming charges.  Whatsapp and Facebook messenger paired with ChatSim will mean that you can stay in contact in almost any country for just a buck! How can you beat that?  

  • GOOD

  • Easy to Get
  • Perfect for maintaining communication
  • Perfect backup for sticky situations
  • 150 countries, no issues
  • BAD

  • VoIP over Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp only
  • No data or MMS unless you pay extra
  • No standard voice calls
  • Overall Impression

  • For the price you can’t go wrong!
  • An outstanding backup idea
  • Useful for parents to keep in touch without risking extra fees or roaming charges
  • Perfect for someone traveling to (or through) multiple countries in one trip

chatsim main facebook messenger whatsapp international free smsEmergencies happen, they just do!  For $1 per month I want to have the option to pop in a ChatSim and get help when I need it.  Why be alone?  Why not keep your friends and family close ….it’s only one dollar!

I hate to sound like a cheap ad.  I do, I really do, but this is just too good to be true.  I still plan on getting a full data package, but for $12 I will gladly pay for this as a backup.  For some, Whatsapp and Facebook messenger is all they need.  If this sounds like you, you’ve got everything you need in ChatSim.  See what I mean? Either way its a winner.

Data and cell plans vary greatly nation to nation.  Getting a SIM in some countries takes about 15 minutes, while in others like India, can take 7 to 21 days.  I literally laughed out loud in India when he said this to me. The plan was more than affordable in India, but the paperwork and wait time was nuts!  Italy was easy to set up a SIM but they had a strange rule about mailing the SIM card back to them before exiting the country.  Thailand was easy as pie, 10 minutes in the airport and about $6 gave me 3G for 2 weeks!

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chatsim main facebook messenger whatsapp international free sms
The point is each country is different.  Each country will require that you pay for their SIM in additional to the quirky rules they will subject you to.  ChatSim cuts through all of this.  If you can keep to using multimedia and standard Facebook app time to WiFi zones like McDonalds or Starbuck, ChatSim will let you SMS all day long for the one dollar price tag.

ChatSim is ideal for someone traveling through multiple countries.  Taking a train through Europe?  What could be better for staying in touch and having a lifeline should you need one?  I mean, for the rest of your data needs the trains in Europe usually offer WiFi anyway.

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What about calls?

ChatSim lets you make calls, but only over Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.  I know it isn’t perfect but we are also talking about a buck, what do you expect?  For a single dollar, I’m going to grab 2 of these for my family just in case.

If you are staying home in the US, this is not the best deal.  Most cell plans include SMS and your included Data is more that enough to cover you Whatsapp needs anyway.  ChatSim is really made for travelers.  For people like me, this is a wonder product.

chatsim main facebook messenger whatsapp international free smsI am a bit of a safety nut.  I don’t like to take chances, especially with my family.  If you are a regular Travel Gadget reader you know that I have taken my small boys to the ends of the Earth.  The only reason I can do this safely is because I plan ahead for the bad days.  Products like ChatSim are the perfect backup tool when something goes wrong.  When you lay out thousands for a great international trip, whats another $24 to guarantee communications between adults?

The best alternative would be the new unlimited roaming plan from T-Mobile. Under T-Mobile you get unlimited texting, voice, and 500mb of data for $50.  This is by far the best deal from the big carriers.  Additional international features are also included but voice calls cost (a reasonable) $0.20 per minute.

If you must use an American provider, T-Mobile wins hands down.  I still advise researching your destination country and getting a SIM at the airport when you land. More often than not this is the best option.  That being said, in a lot of countries a SIM is either too expensive or too difficult to activate to make it worth it.

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For me? WiFi locations like McDonald’s and Starbuck, Train stations, hotels, and other free WiFi zones plus a ChatSim for good measure keep me hooked up for about a buck!

The big mobile companies offer international plans, but they are not friendly.


The Global Data plan cost $25 for 100MB of data. Thats would last about a day of email, photo updates, and VoIP calls.  Pay as you go is an utterly INSANE $20.48 a MB in any country outside Mexico and Canada.  That means a nice clear 3mb photo sent to your girlfriend will cost a WHOPPING $60!!!


$30/mo lands you 120MB of data in 150 countries. 300 mb costs $60/mo.  If you are careful about using WiFi whenever possible the amount of data is fine.  The cost however, is still very high.  Recall ChatSim only lets you chat/VoIP call, but it costs around $1/mo.


Choose from either $40/40MB or  $80/ 85MB.  Frankly, a rip off times ten.  I would never, ever, pay for this plan. Remember 2 weeks of unlimited 3G in Thailand was only $6!

chatsim main facebook messenger whatsapp international free sms

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