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Did this insane iPhone Case Survive 100,000 ft balloon drop?

Someone actually dropped their iPhone from 100,000 feet up. Apparently the iPhone case was designed to protect it against the apocalypse.   The best iPhone cases on Earth don’t claim this extreme ability, I guess that why G-Form dropped their iPhone from space (well, close enough!) Did the iPhone still work?

I’ll get to that soon enough.

First I want talk about the concept of the G-Form Extreme iPhone case (they make Samsung cases too).

The concept is that the G-Form Extreme iPhone case, is the most rugged ever to be developed. This iPhone case, is so strong, that it can withstand being dropped from the edge of space! Well, so far I will admit that- the case-  survived the fall.

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I am impressed that someone had the cojones to send an iPhone case into orbit just to prove a point.  But what did they prove anyway? G-Form made a case that won’t crack when dropped at terminal velocity.  Wait….what … is terminal velocity?

Basically something can only fall so fast, at a certain point the altitude doesn’t matter.  Humans for example can only fall at around 122 mph / 195 kph.  A penny tossed from the Empire State Building, would hurt, but can’t fall fast enough to kill anyone.  IF you don’t believe me watch the Mythbusters.

Great, they made a really tough case.  Falling from 100,000 feet doesn’t prove much more than dropping it from say 100 feet.  Still, it is very cool.

We have to note that the G-From Extreme iPhone Extreme is not waterproof! While it absorbs about 90% of an impact, which is remarkable, it won’t do well if you drop it in the toilet.

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I do believe G-Form, and trust that their experiment was honest.  But, they could have replaced the iPhones off camera.  The video isn’t iron clad proof that they made an iPhone case this strong.  I also have to wonder why their camera cut out due to extreme cold, but the iPhone was just fine.

Still their excellent reputation precedes them.  This is a pretty sick idea!

Here is the video as promised:

What sold me on the G-Form Extreme was their 82 mph hockey slap shot video:

If you want a nearly indestructible iPhone, pick up a G-Form Extreme on Amazon.

Basic Black ranges from $3 to $15

Just for fun another G-Form video: Car vs. iPad. Check out E-Form iPad Cases

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Beyond cases you can get tablet sleeves.  What a cool idea!  A lot of people use their tabs and love them, but don’t always want a thick case on them.  These sleeves from G-Form provide awesome protection while you carry the tab around in your backpack, The jerk on the train who kicks your bag will not pose a threat to you gear inside.

7″ Universal Tab Sleeves

These sleeves range from $12 to $44 depending on the model.

iPad Mini Tank Box

Well I call it the Tank Box anyway.

iPad Standard Size 246.4 mm or iPad 2& 3

*Check models before you check out.

G-Form for the Standard Size iPad. Same extreme protection.

Price ranges from $35 to $70 for total protection.

G-Form actually makes a lot of protective gear.  Elbow pads, knee pads, etc are all part of their shock resistant way of life.  I can wholeheartedly recommend G-Form.  But there 100,000 ft drop had to be explained a bit to the average Joe.  Their gear is top tier.  The youtube clip, was just a bot over the top.

If after after all of this, you still want to try something different, check out the next 5 iPhone cases made to Military Specs.


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