amazon ipad mini cases iPad Mini Case Battle Otterbox vs Lifeproof

iPad Mini Case Battle Otterbox vs Lifeproof

Let the iPad Mini case battle begin!

We all want our iPads and iPad Mini’s to be indestructible.  I am no different.  I want to take my iPad Mini to the water park, beach, concerts, you name it.  Then, I pause, and it all comes back to the fact that they are made of glass and extremely fragile (not to mention expensive).  To protect them we need to invest a small amount of money in an iPad mini case, which in the long run, is extremely wise.  You are going to have to ask yourself: “Otterbox vs Lifeproof, which is best for me?”

Travelers like us need to be sure that our gadgets work in the field.  Sure “the field” might mean a massage by the pool, but there are dangers lurking everywhere.  An errant cabana boy or a rambunctious child might crush or soak our iPad Minis leaving us without the rest of our book!  The kings of this type of protection, the only two I would consider for travel, are Otterbox and Lifeproof. 

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First up: Otterbox Defender Series iPad Mini Case (Damage Proof)

  • 3-layers of protection handles drops, bumps and bangs easily
  • A Built-in screen protector makes the LCD screen scratchproof/resistant 
  • An innovative kickstand also works as a belt clip!
  • All the ports are covered to protect from dust and debris BUT NOT WATER
  • Includes OtterBox 1-year case warranty

So this iPad Mini case has an AMAZING record and outstanding reviews… it is not waterproof!  That being said, it is water resistant.  Minor spills or a drizzly day shouldn’t hurt the iPad Mini inside, but I wouldn’t dunk it in the pool. A great option for those of us in the desert, but if you are planning to take the kids swimming everyday this might only be a half measure.

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The Otterbox Defender for iPad Mini was rated 5 stars by 84% of the Amazon iPad mini case reviews for this product.  252 out of 301 reviews gave it a FULL 5 STARS.  So that is saying something!  Reviewers can’t praise this case enough.  I have used them and seen them in action.  Despite the “water resistant” only design, Otterbox Defender series cases are design like battle tanks!

The Otter Box Defender for iPad Mini 4 sports the same rugged design, but is made to fit this model only.

NEXT UP:  Lifeproof iPad Mini Case (WATERPROOF)

amazon ipad mini cases iPad Mini Case Battle Otterbox vs Lifeproof

  • Water Proof – submersible to 6.6 feet up to  1 hour
  • Dirt Proof- ports all sealed against dust/dirt
  • Snow Proof: totally sealed off from ice
  • Drop Proof: Survives drops from up to 4 feet
  • Screenless technology lets you touch the actual touchscreen

The Lifeproof iPad Mini Case Nuud series is waterproof!  This model is fully submersible to 2 meters for 1 hour.  In other words, “surfs up brah!” If you are a water worshipper, and prefer to spend your days at the shoreline or poolside, then shock damage is slightly less of a worry compared to water damage.  You are not likely to crack a screen at the pool, but very likely to get your iPad Mini wet.

amazon ipad mini cases iPad Mini Case Battle Otterbox vs Lifeproof

Lifeproof Nuud series is for you.  Rain proof, snow proof, pool proof, and still exceptionally rugged protecting against drops. The Lifeproof iPad mini case is less well reviewed on Amazon, only 54% of 39 people gave it the full 5 star rating.  The few poor reviews were related to customers buying the wrong size case.  One review does say that the iPad Mini case eventually leaked and that Lifeproof does not warranty the device inside, only their case.

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This case is still tops among people in the know.  I can’t really see the need to submerge and iPad Mini anyway!  Waterproofing is awesome though!  Camping and using the iPad Mini as a TV or Map is fantastic until it rains.  Sitting by the pool listening to an audible book is fantastic too, until it slips into the pool.  The Lifeproof iPad Mini case is still your best best for total protection and I would recommend one to anybody.


There is no clear cut winner.  I suppose it depends on your needs.  I was an avid dune basher out in the Arabian desert.  Out there we used iPads as navigation tools, TV, and star chart info tools.  The Otterbox would have been the better choice.  Dune bashing, by the way, is not only dusty but full of bangs and booms.  I have bounced my head off the roof more times than I can count!

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Recently I have moved from the desert to Abu Dhabi city.  Beaches and pools are king in my new area.  Today, I would buy a Lifeproof iPad Mini case instead.  Decide what your needs are and buy the best case for your purposes.

As always, TRAVEL SAFE!

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  1. I really like how you laid out your content! It’s very easy and simple to follow and understand. The pictures and visuals really fit well together with the content you provided. As a reader, I’m curious as to what the cost of each one of these cases are? That would be one of the deciding factors for me in consideration of the other features too.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I am always hoping to provide a simple and easy to access post. Information should be complete and concise, which is not easy to balance. The prices vary from seller to seller so I didn’t want to quote only one.

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