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Is this a scam? Before You Buy The $56 Smart Phone Lens READ THIS

Since this lens went viral I have been drooling over it.  But, WAIT, is it this a scam?! Why would I dare say such a thing? After all,  it looks like a tool I would use a great deal!

My Samsung S4 took amazing pics years back, as my S7 does today.   Despite their outstanding performance, I would love a wide angle lens.  A zoom wouldn’t hurt either.  I often use them alongside my Nikon D5300 DSLR to get some shots my DSLR CAN’T!  But while I could use some added functionality,  the videos below makes me wonder… is this a scam?

Travel Gadget just found some interesting evidence that might lead some to doubt the claims of the lens maker.  They say, ” Canon Panics After $56 Zoom Camera Lens Goes Viral”.

No judgements are being made here, but the evidence does leave some questions unanswered.

Video 1: The Original Viral Video

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Video 2: A possible original source for the first clip

Next we have a video showing the first frames of the video posted to social media.  If this lens is different from the video above (just looks the same), then this video may have been ripped and edited in.  The lens does not appear to have the overwhelming zoom abilities as shown in the moon shot above. It also seems to shake pretty heavily at a short distance.


Video 3: Extremely Interesting Footage … hmmm

Here is a video from a concerned citizen on Facebook.  This video shows the moon shot in the next segment of the original video.  Remember the shaking at around 15 meters in the first video?  Now look how smooth it is scanning the surface of the moon.  Hmmmm

From a concerned citizen:

“One of the biggest scams in photography. The idea that you can add a little piece of junk lens to your camera phone and get great images. You can’t.

When you realize that what you got in the mail was a useless piece of crap, you feel ashamed for having believed in it, and you won’t complain or try to return it, cuz it’s only $56.

No shame at all – they even use a video to ‘demonstrate’ this piece of crap by stealing this video which is shot with the Nikon P990 here.

There’s no such thing as adding an accessory to your phone to turn it into a ‘real’ camera. Don’t fall for this garbage.”

-The concerned citizen

We believe that the product may be a good one.  I would love to try it out and see for myself despite this highly questionable video comparison.  The concept seems solid enough.  Glass magnification, is glass, period.

Glass zoom lenses WILL increase the zoom without pixelating your shots at all, that is the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom.  Digital zoom just stretches the same picture you were already taking.  A glass smartphone lens will dramatically improve the zoom of your shots leaving the image quality entirely up to the phone you have.

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I DO think that the shaking will be a problem.  The farther away you zoom the more stabilization you will need.  A tripod is basically required.  You’ll also need to reduce wind or any other form of vibration.


As a traveler, I want one.  I don’t want to replace my DSLR.  I don’t think a phone ever could.  I DO want to enhance my phone though!  My sidekick could use some added muscle sometimes.  Maybe I don’t want to take my DSLR on the boat because it could get wet, while my Samsung S7 edge is water resistant and can take a dunk in the water without an damage.

The HD Zoom 360, or another lens kit would be awesome for a day at the beach.  I can keep my Nikon D5300 safe and free from water damage or dust/sand, and still get some cool shots.

For the price, I am willing to give the HD Zoom 360, or maybe another version, a try. You are wonder why I asked, “Is this a scam?” and then said I’d buy one.   Well, the video seems to be a scam.  I don’t intend to get shots of Neil Armstrong, but maybe some nice Bokeh shots of my kids at the park would be nice.  I could use the tripod to get some cool motion or low light shots too!

While I may want to try this, chances are I’ll go with something else.  A wide angle clip on, or much shorter zoom would be best for me.  Smaller lenses are likely better for travel and shooting on the fly.  If I have to time to set up a tripod…I’m using my DSLR.


In the end it is entirely up to you.  If you are feeling betrayed, skip it.  There are plenty of other smart phone lens kits out there.  If you want to give it a shot, do so, but know it is likely not as powerful as advertised.

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If HD Zoom 360 makers want to chime in that would be great!  Travel Gadget will never, ever, take a run with here say information.  That being said, TG also has the sole aim of providing useful information to our readers.  The similarity between videos is a bit alarming.  I have to wonder if this is a scam, or not.

If you want more information or if you want to order the kit, you can go to their website here.

Travel Safe!


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  1. BEWARE! took my order for 1 and ended up being charged for the buy 3 deal.
    No confirmation to order, and unable to contact them by email or #.
    Card Co. is working on getting my charge returned.

  2. I ordered one. It arrived and hardly magnifies things in the room let alone to 50 miles. I have emailed the company asking for a return address, which incidentally was not on the parcel. I will return the item as soon as I get an address. I paid by paypal so hopefully i can get a refund if the company ever replies.

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