Glow in the Dark Tape - Bathroom, Luggage, Fragile Items, and more!

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Glow in the dark tape is not always at the top of anyone's packing list... BUT it should be!  Why lose sleep at your hotel because you have to leave the bathroom light on?  Why hurt your toes when you accidentally kick a wall or chair in the dark? 

Find your suitcase, smartphone, bathroom, and anything else effortlessly in the dark!  Mark a path to the bathroom, light switches, and wall corners to see them in the dark without disturbing your sleep.  Mark your phone or camera, the TV remote, or even your kids pajamas!  The possibilities are limitless!

Travel Gadget Pro Tip: Staying in strange places can be disorienting and stressful.  Something that is lightweight, multipurpose, and saves you from stress is always a good travel gadget.  Things that glow in the dark are so helpful while on the road.  Glow tape lets you make anything easily identifiable no matter where you are.