Waterproof Solar Power Bank - HUGE 20,000 mAh capacity

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Travel Gadget is always looking for the biggest bang for the buck! Everyone must  carry a backup charger, this is just basic travel practice.  But.. why not carry a charger that can recharge itself?!!!  This power bank can be fastened to the outside of your day pack and keep your phone, camera, GPS, or selfie drone charged up all day!  Sitting in the sun gives you unlimited backup power!  

Travel Gadget Pro Tip:  Whenever possible , items you travel with should have multiple uses.  A plastic bag in the bottom of your pack can provide instant storage at a market, a wrap for something dirty, or a dry seat on a wet day.  While a backup charger is a mission critical item, why not have one that can charge itself up?!  

Beyond convenience and item like this can literally save your life!  Take a short walk in the jungle, desert dune, or California national park ... one misstep and you will be confident that your phone will never run out of juice!

Type: Solar Panel
Brand Name: VariCore
Size: 135 x 72 x 15mm
Max. Power: 2.1A